Images recently declassified by the Trump administration show the rapid expansion of the nuclear power of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Four slides revealed to NATO allies in October show that three facilities dedicated to nuclear production appear to have significantly increased their capacity since 2010. 

“The world deserves to know what China is up to. They have never admitted how many nuclear weapons they have and how many they plan on building,” said Marshall Billingslea, the State Department’s special presidential envoy for arms control  according to The Washington Times of Nov. 15. 

He added, “But it is clear from imagery that China [the CCP] is engaged in a secretive crash buildup of its infrastructure. There is no doubt that China wants to be on par with the United States and Russia in terms of its military and nuclear capabilities.”

There is also evidence that the CCP is increasing its efforts to expand plutonium and uranium plants to produce nuclear warheads for its growing missile and bomber forces.

In just two years, the Jiuquan Atomic Energy Complex doubled in size and added another reactor last year.

For the Pentagon, these productive capacity deployments follow a plan to double the 200 nuclear warheads available to the CCP. 

International experts were wrong because they believed in 2017 that the CCP had not been producing plutonium for war purposes since 1991 and that the production of uranium for weapons had been suspended in 1987, reported The Washington Times

The Trump administration invited the CCP to join the nuclear weapons treaty to which Russia is already bound, the New START Treaty, but it always refused. 

Under this treaty, partner countries limit their nuclear production to certain amounts, and allow direct international monitoring. 

Among the weaponry they agree to maintain are 700 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) 1,550 nuclear warheads in deployed ICBMs, 800 deployed and  not deployed ICBM launchers, SLBM launchers, and heavy bombers equipped for nuclear weapons, according to the U.S. State Department. 

Satellite photos showed that the CCP also increased nuclear weapons production capacity in Mianyang, in south-central China, where warheads are manufactured. 

The warheads contain the explosive power of nuclear weapons, the most destructive at present, with the capacity to kill millions of people and destroy entire cities. 

The CCP has become the greatest threat to global stability to the extent that many countries declare it to be so, particularly the United States, given its ability to do so without fear of further retaliation.

National Security Adviser for Foreign Affairs Robert O’Brien, announced his recommendations.

The country “must speak, fight, and, above all, remain faithful to its principles, especially freedom of expression, which contrast with the Marxist-Leninist ideology adopted by the CCP,” O’Brien said

At this moment, the CCP seems to have interfered profoundly with the U.S. electoral process through the vote-counting systems administered by the Dominion Voting System company, a fact that will only aggravate relations between the two countries, which are quite affected by many other aggressions launched by the CCP.

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