Recently, some netizens posted the ingredients list of a mung bean soup drink with no mung bean ingredients, causing excited netizens to talk about it.

Netizens said there was no mung bean at all in Mung bean soup. Instead, it’s all technology and deception.

The reporter noticed that the drink posted by the netizen had “Mung bean soup” conspicuously written on the front of the outer packaging of the bottle. The product introduction says “soup flavored beverage,” but it’s in small writing. The ad also uses the image of green beans.

Online shopping platforms also sell these types of water, and the sales volume is good. Most similar products have mung beans as the main picture on the front of the outer packaging. The words “Mung bean soup” are also particularly eye-catching.

However, there is nothing on the ingredient list except water, food additives, and flavors.

The store’s waiter told the reporter that the drink does not contain mung beans because this product is only a drink, and the source of the mung bean flavor is mainly the essence.

Jiangsu Huaian Yi Food Technology Co., Ltd, the beverage manufacturer, said the drink is a mung bean soup-flavored drink. However, it does not mean that they must add mung beans.

WuXingbing, a lawyer, said that according to the Consumer Rights Protection Law, Business operators should mark the price of goods or services they provide. In addition, operators shall be truthful and must not make false or misleading publicity. Fraudulent or deceptive advertising on products or their packaging may also violate the provisions of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law.
WuXingbing also pointed out that this beverage is misleading to consumers. Consumers have the right to know and can ask the operators for the actual situation to make targeted choices.

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