An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 occurred in southwest China on Thursday, June 1st, at 17:00, killing at least four people and injuring 41. 

Now Chinese netizens are asking about the accurate number of those killed and injured by the government, as they are well-known for hiding actual facts about disasters. They also question the authority’s act of underestimating the disaster in local media.

Sichuan earthquake has casualties, but official media report Brazil floods on front page

The earthquake hit the province of Sichuan in southwest China. Afterward, everyone in Sichuan province, where it occurred, was anxious to know about the number of casualties and assets losses that had resulted. And usually, the news about this catastrophic event would be on the front page of all local newspapers for a long time. But strangely, on such a tragic day, the front page of the local newspaper Sichuan Daily did not report about this earthquake. Instead, the front page highlighted news of how top Chinese leaders sent condolences to Brazil after these South American countries went through a flood.

One netizen questions why the official received people’s hard-earned money to worry about foreign countries while remaining silent on local disasters. 

Earthquake causes landslides. People question official casualty figures

Videos show the landslide caused traffic jams and car crashes. Several cars were hit by rocks that fell during the landslide. 

In one video, a woman sits unmoving in her car, and her head is tilted to one side. It is not apparent if she’s still alive or dead. 

Rocks badly damaged other vehicles, and one car had its roof totally demolished.

One video shows people shocked by the quake running throughout the building. The streets were crammed with people, and they looked up at the mountain in horror. There was a massive roar coming from the mountain. 

A netizen said that the Internet circulates many videos and images about the earthquake. So the outside could not help but question the official death and injury data. 

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