Being carried along the street to the local bank in your coffin after you have passed away can hardly be called a dignified ending to your time on earth. But drastic measures are often used in China to enable people to survive in these turbid times.

One family reluctantly carried the coffin of a family member to a branch of the Shunde Rural Comercial Bank in the city of Foshen, Guangdong province, to withdraw the departed one’s money.

On October 31, Blue Sky’s footage on Facebook showed eight men carrying a coffin to the front of the bank.

The four family members of the deceased walked alongside  the coffin and the eight pall bearers.

Two of them were female, wearing white Chinese mourning clothes and carrying a bundle of incense.

One male family member hung a white Chinese funeral weeper on his forearm.

The bank staff stood outside on the pavement awaiting their arrival. One officer leaned over to check the body in the coffin after glancing at the document in his hand.

Later, the bank officer allowed a family member sign the document he was holding.

The netizen who  posted the video said, “Unable to withdraw funds if the account holder was not present, a family reluctantly had to carry the coffin to the bank.”

That scene would only occur in China, where the bank requires the presence of coffins to withdraw funds from deceased holders’ accounts.

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