On September 23, a teacher at an elementary school in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, mistakenly sent a list of gifts from parents when posting homework in the WeChat parent group.

After this teacher mistakenly posted, another teacher in charge of the group immediately closed the chat group. However, parents took screenshots of the messages and posted them online.

The exposure sparked heated discussions on the internet. Netizens expressed that parents being forced to give gifts to teachers is a common phenomenon and that today’s society has rotted to its roots.

Screenshots from the internet with nearly 200 million views show that 15 people are named on the list, and the price of gifts received ranges from $70 to $140 (500 to 1,000 yuan).

Netizens posted screenshots and joked that it’s not a bad income. 

After the incident was exposed, the school told the media that the incident was under investigation.

The special investigation team of the Jianhu County Education Bureau released a situation report on September 23.

According to the report, the images posted online are accurate. As a result, the parties have been suspended, and investigations to clarify the matter are continuing.

Some parents disclosed their own experiences in the comments. One said her 3rd-grade daughter’s class homeroom teacher was changed to one known for her bad attitude. The mother didn’t worry about the new teacher’s attitude toward her child initially because the child’s performance was very stable. But at the end of the semester, her child said that the new teacher was very aggressive. The child previously got a reward every semester, but this time, only received a certificate. When she looked at the child’s class photos, she realized that the rewarded recipients were all those who took part in the new teacher’s extra classes. The new semester had started, so she gave almost $140 worth of gifts and fruits. The child came home after class and said the teacher was very gentle.

Gift giving in these ways has been revealed many times.

In October 2018, Huang, Director of the Respiratory Department of Shantou Central Hospital, Guangdong Province, mistakenly sent his Mid-Autumn Festival gift list to the WeChat working group.

The list includes cash, shopping cards, Chinese cigarettes, sea cucumbers, Hennessy wine, Cup Moting, and other premium gifts. The total value of the gifts is over $14,000 (100,000 yuan).
On June 12, 2018, a screenshot of the account details “subsidy for the son of Li Shemin, deputy director of the Xi’an Department of Religious Affairs, to study in the U.S. $2,800 (20,000 yuan) for studying fees and miscellaneous expenses” quickly spread on the internet.

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