After the China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 crashed in March, killing 132 people, aviation safety issues in China made people more and more concerned.

Recently, a situation happened that left everyone who saw it in fear. On July 7, Chinese residents filmed and shared on social media that during Air China flight CA1921, the screws on one side of the wing were loose and kept shaking from the impact of airflow. It seems the screws almost fell out, making everyone worry about it.

On the same evening, Air China responded to the matter. They said that it immediately inspected the relevant parts of the aircraft, repaired the loose screws, and checked on the fleet at the same time.

Many netizens also left their comment on this situation, a Weibo user said, “There are 5 screws in the upper part through the visual inspection part, one fell off, and three were moving. Conclusion: A bit scary”, another asked,”How did this plane get past ground inspection and take off?”

Chinese society is becoming more and more emotionless

In October 2017, China’s Good Samaritan law was passed to protect people ready to help others. Under the legislation, people who voluntarily offer emergency assistance to those believed to be injured, ill, in danger, or otherwise incapacitated, will not have civil liability in the case of damage to victims.

However, social media have continuously reported news reflecting the scary indifference of Chinese society in daily life.

On July 7, a video showed an accident on the streets of Beijing. The scene shows a woman under a tricycle. While she is lying motionless, passers-by only cross and have an indifferent look. Some people watched and discussed with each other. There weren’t any to help or take her to the emergency.

Mr. Fernando Mata Licón published an article on titled “Why people won’t normally help you in an accident in China?” Chinese people are kind-hearted and caring, but for many years, authorities and media promoted fear and indifference and pushed people toward being greedy and selfish. 

Just to mention an example, in 2006 in Nanjing city, an older woman named Xu Shoulan was trying to get off a bus; she fell off and broke her femur. Peng Yu passed by, helped take her to the hospital, and gave her 200 yuan to pay for her treatment. 

Xu wanted Peng to pay for all the expenses of her treatment. She sued him, and she won after six months. So Peng had to cover all the medical expenses for her. The court made an odd statement, “no one would, in good conscience, help someone unless they felt guilty.” 

Zhejiang: Factory fire breaks out for unknown reasons

Recently, many factories in China have suffered dangerous fires. On July 7, a fire broke out at the Megao Industrial Zone factory in Ningbo, Zhejiang. The video shows the fire is out of control, and black smoke rises and covers the sky. The cameraman said that there was a huge explosion. So far, there seem to be no casualties. The cause of the fire is unknown at this moment, and it is still being investigated.

Tumen: Rumor of Covid prevention trial leaked, people rush to buy food

The Chinese government has implemented “Zero Covid” policy to fight outbreaks, although it has impacted heavily on people’s life and the economy.

In Tumen City, Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin, at midnight on July 6, people started spreading the news about a disease prevention rehearsal. This alleged leaked information caused people to panic and rush to buy food. 

A video shows people competing to do the shopping in the early morning, and the streets become crowded. They seem to be scared of what people went through in Shanghai. 

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