Physical beauty is valued in modern Chinese society. Many corporations continue to set requirements on the appearance of candidates, such as their height among other beauty standards. 

Many companies now also offer products to enhance the physical beauty of babies and children, and many parents in China jumped on the trend of using them. However, many incidents revolve around this issue and doctors have also warned parents about this trend.

On online sales platforms, beauty products for children are always sought after by parents. Products to correct or prevent defects of children’s appearance, such as 3-year-old braces, baby helmets or leg binds to make them grow straight, are offered in different types and prices.

Children’s sleep strips are gaining popularity right now. According to Sixth Tone, over 100,000 packs of these items are sold on Taobao every month.

On social media, many advertise these sleep strips or anti-mouth breathing tape, as an item that corrects breathing for a better facial development. 

The ads claim they can solve the problem of an elongated face, prominent front teeth, short upper lip and upward slanting nostrils. This is the so-called “adenoid face.”  

However, Sixth Tone reports that doctors warn that they can cause serious damage, including permanent conditions. 

Li Zhenzhen is one of those parents who relies on online information. She used anti mouth-breathing tape for her son to prevent mouth breathing. She told Sixth Tone: “I’ve simply been doing what I can … to ensure he has a better future. Isn’t that what every parent wants?”

However, this practice is not safe when parents abuse it. According to Chinese media reports, in June this year, a 5-year-old boy in Jiangsu province nearly suffocated because he had a tape on his mouth.

 Ding Xiaoqiong, deputy chief physician of Zhongda Hospital, affiliated to Southeast University, said mouth breathing in children can cause an “adenoid face.” 

However, this is also a symptom of a disease, parents need to find the reason behind mouth breathing. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic web page, the conditions that affect nasal breathing can include nasal congestion, enlarged adenoids, and deviated septum. 

It is recommended to ask a doctor or healthcare provider instead of following popular online trends.

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