Governments at all levels of China regularly issue strange anti-epidemic policies. On July 3, the NTDTV channel posted information that a resident in Dandong City, Liaoning Province, had complained that the residential area she lived in required each household to send someone to quarantine. Many people in the city questioned what it was for.

video posted on July 3 shows a woman in Dandong City who was filming a bus waiting in front of an apartment building to take people to an isolation area.

The video shows a resident wearing white protective clothes dragging a suitcase onto a bus. The woman filming denounced that her mother was taken to quarantine. As the woman explained in the video, officials required each household to send one person to quarantine for seven days, pledging to serve food and drinks, “just like a vacation.” The mother had to submit to the quarantine and let her daughter record a live video to expose the incident.

The woman complained that if there was really an epidemic, the whole building might have to take nucleic acid testing or be quarantined. Now they are letting each household choose a representative to quarantine. What is this for? “Is it a bit too much of a bully?” she asked.

However, this woman did not mention the scope of implementation of the regulation where “each household sends one person to quarantine,” nor does she mention whether the 7-day quarantine is free of charge or not.

After this video was posted online, Chinese-speaking netizens criticized the regulation as “extremely absurd.” Some speculated that this could be an attempt by local officials to collect quarantine fees to make money. Others suggested that it could be an attempt to achieve the target issued by the superiors.  

NTDTV quoted a net user as saying: “The next policy of centralism will make people go back and forth until people have nothing left. Ask yourself if you will aggree with this approach, let alone whether it is reasonable or not.”

Earlier, China’s NetEase said that after one person tested positive for COVID-19 in an apartment complex in Dandong, all residents in building No.1 were isolated. But only after this building was lifted from the lockdown did they discover that the quarter committee had misidentified the area. The person who tested positive was from the 2nd building. People were so angry, and they demanded an explanation from the quarter committee. 

The city of Dandong has been closed for more than two months since April 24. It was not until the appearance of an incident called “the yellow health code father and daughter attacked the police” that shocked the general public, that the Dandong government announced the easing of the lockdown

However, the movement of people is still restricted, and the so-called “medium and high-risk areas” are still under lockdown. On July 2, China’s Sina reported that on June 30, a resident’s video attracted public attention, showing that an older man had committed suicide because of an insult from the epidemic prevention staff. Correspondents from Xin’an Evening News, Anui Net, and Dawan News conducted interviews on the matter. On the morning of July 2, the staff of the Propaganda Department of Zhenxing County Party Committee of Dandong city told reporters that the case was still under investigation and an official announcement would be made.

According to the video, described by a self-proclaimed witness, an older adult had to go to the hospital alone to get medicine after an operation because he had a small bowel hernia. As he attempted to show the staff his scar, his pants came off accidentally. Community workers taunted the old man as a “rogue” and called the police, who then came to take the old man away. Feeling humiliated, the man hanged himself in front of the residential gate to protest his innocence.

On July 2, another Dandong resident denounced online that his parents were forcibly quarantined, and the local officials promised to take care of the pets on their behalf. However, that night they secretly electrocuted all animals, including the mother sheep and its baby lambs.

Local netizens also condemned that “Dandong people who go to quarantine have to pay for themselves, in the evening the government arbitrarily breaks into people’s houses and surreptitiously electrocutes all the pets in their houses. Does no one take charge of this?”

Some netizens suggested leaving this “backward place” and going to a relatively developed and civilized coastal place. Immediately, some netizens countered: “Shanghai is not developed enough? In China, it’s the same everywhere, just sooner or later.” Another netizen said: “It’s no use even getting on the Titanic.”

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