Dandong city officials’ announcement states that from July 1, citizens in main urban areas will undergo nucleic acid testing, ensuring that no one is left behind. Those who have negative COVID test results after three consecutive days will carry out another round of COVID tests at an interval of 3 days.

The order came after the city added seven local cases of COVID asymptomatic infection on June 30.

And…. let’s take a look at the following cases to see how the Chinese regime’s “dynamic zero COVID” policy works in Dandong city, Liaoning province.

On April 25, Dandong, a small northeastern Chinese town bordering North Korea, implemented a lockdown for its more than 2 million residents. It has been roughly 100 days since the lockdown was imposed across the city. The lockdown causes public outrage as well as many incidents. 

The public now once again pays attention to the incident of 186 people’s nucleic acid testing samples abandoned on the roadside. 

Residents of Taoyuan Community, Dandong City found many COVID samples left out on the street for one day and one night after being tested on Thursday morning. Left out for such a long time in outside conditions, the testing result is no longer correct. These samples involved Numbers 49-55 residents, totaling up to 186 people.

Local citizens reported that the local community sent a volunteer to the scene to take these test tubes and throw them away. However, the locals prevented that person from doing so. 

The video was then uploaded on the internet, fueling the frustration of many citizens.

One social media user commented on the incident: This scandal has been recorded for you, is this kind of epidemic prevention useful?

This user went on to say that he waited for the government to deal with this nucleic acid testing incident.

According to Chinese media Da Ji Yuan, local officials explained to the locals after the incident was exposed. They said that nucleic acid samples of 160 residents in Taoyuan Street Community were completed at 6:50 a.m. on Thursday.

Before that, a citizen beating-up police incident also circulated on the internet.

On June 21, a father and daughter pair and a police officer got into a heated argument on the street in Dandong. They were stopped by the police while en route to the hospital.

Even though both had negative COVID-test results and a certificate to travel issued by the local community, their health codes were yellow. As a result, the officer refused to let them go.

Unable to go to the hospital to pick up the medication, the two decided to go home. This time, the officer once again wouldn’t let them leave.

The conflict broke out. The police pushed the woman to the ground. The father then rushed to slap the officer’s face as he witnessed his daughter being pushed down.

To that end, on June 22, the Dandong Police announced that the father was taken into custody for assaulting a police officer. The daughter was sentenced to administrative detention for ten days for not following a police officer’s request.

Under public pressure, on June 24, the regime eases some of the city’s restrictions.

Accordingly, except for residents in the closed and controlled areas, Dandong citizens will be able to travel in the city as long as they have COVID negative results within 48 hours. 

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