Recently, the number of local COVID-19 infections in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China, has skyrocketed. There is online information that people who do not wear N95 masks are not allowed to enter wet markets or grocery stores, and some areas are fenced by barbed wire. “They even fence with barbed wire, this is a prison!” exclaimed one netizen, reports the Vision Times.

As of 24:00 on August 31, Liaoning province reported a total of 1813 confirmed cases (including 271 cases imported from abroad), 1766 patients were cured and discharged, two patients died, and 45 cases were under hospital treatment. At present, there are 342 asymptomatic infected cases under medical observation (302 local cases and 40 imported cases), according to the official website of the Liaoning Provincial Health Commission.

Dalian City announced that for five days, from August 30 to September 3, residents in 5 main urban areas of Zhongshan, Xigang, Shahekou, Ganjingzi, and Gaoxin will not be allowed to leave their homes unless necessary. At the same time, buses and subways in the area have been suspended, and the city’s primary and secondary schools will also postpone returning to school in the fall.

Dalian officials took advantage of the epidemic to strictly control and cause trouble in the lives of citizens. According to reports, after the outbreak of Omicron BA.5 strain in Dalian, passengers were required to wear N95 masks before taking the bus. Recently, an older man was kicked off a bus for not wearing an N95 mask.

Dalian people cannot enter the market without wearing N95 masks, and residents must register to get a card. The government even uses barbed wire to fence such areas.

A video posted on September 1 shows that the most prosperous street in the past has become extremely deserted. One man sighed: “The population of ten thousand is now without a single person!”, “Nobody else!” (0-0:18)

On a major road with no pedestrians but only a few cars, one woman said: “All buses are not working today.” (0:30-0:34)

In front of the market gate, many people pass by, people who do not wear N95 masks cannot enter the market to buy food, and many people have to wait in long lines to buy N95 masks.

In a supermarket, many people rush to buy things, and a supermarket employee adjusts the price of vegetables. One man said, “The price in this supermarket goes up at any moment. It’s changing, and it’s changing every minute!” (2:24-2:27)

Dalian citizens must apply for a card when leaving residential areas. In the video, you can see a card that says, “Epidemic control and prevention on the streets of China – Pass Card.” (5:12)

Through the video, we can also see many people waiting in line for a PCR test in the middle of the night, the street is fenced with barbed wire, and the shops on both sides of the road are closed. (2:40 – 3:30)

Dalian No. 24 Middle School started the new school year a few days ago, and students are now back to online study. (4:25)

Netizens left comments, with Vision Times citing some as follows: “While everywhere in the world is gradually returning to normal, there is one country that is upgrading masks to N95. …”

“The burden falls on all levels; officials are afraid of losing their positions, so they can only put pressure on the people.”

“Recurring Man-made Suffering”

“Wearing a mask is enough, now we have to wear an N95, maybe in the future, they will change it to a respirator?”

“They even fence with barbed wire, this is a prison!”

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