Located in China’s Liaoning Province, Dalian is one of China’s best cities for tourism. According to China Economic Net, in an attempt to deal with the current situation of COVID outbreaks, Dalian has recently regulated the number of buses and subways. Additionally, drivers and passengers also have to wear N95 or other kinds of masks when taking public transportation. The news then fanned fury online.

Many bus and subway schedules have been curtailed according to new regulations. As a result, in the early morning of August 29th, there were long queues of people waiting at the bus station and subway station entrance in Dalian city.

Although the bus was full, more crowded onto the bus, wearing masks on their faces, these people stood too close to each other.

And the same scene also took place on the subways.

Dalian city issued an announcement saying that the city would control public transportation from midnight on the 29th to the end of August 31st.

There will be a 10% reduction in the number of buses and subways in the urban region compared to the daily number. Other areas will be reduced to 50%.

In addition, the city’s charter tours and long-distance buses will be put on hold.

At the same time, citizens have to undergo COVID tests. People who leave their homes or take public transportation must wear N95 or other masks.

The announcement added that if people disobey the requirements and cause COVID to spread, they will be held accountable under the law.

According to Beijing Daily, Dalian reported only 15 new cases of COVID asymptomatic infection.

On August 29th, hashtags “Dalian N95” and “Dalian Metro Bus Station Passengers Queue Dozens of Meters Long” appeared on the hot search list. The news then aroused public outrage.

One online user said, “Please state a clear statement to the people of Dalian. If the epidemic situation is very serious, then stop work and production! But now Dalian is still low-risk, everyone works and commutes normally, but public transportation has been reduced by 90%. N95 masks are also required, is this excessive epidemic prevention or concealment!”

Another wrote, “Do you need to earn money for masks?”

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