Violent incidents arising from the pandemic prevention policy in China continue to occur. On November 7, there was an incident of Dabai (anti-pandemic staff wearing a white protective suit) beating residents in Lanshan district, Linyi city, Shandong province. Officials said that there were conflicts between community anti-pandemic workers and residents, and seven people were held in administrative detention. Netizens said police were at the scene when the incident happened.

The Lanshan District Public Security Office, Linyi, on November 8, announced that at around 4:00 p.m. the previous day, anti-pandemic staff named Liang, Zheng, Zhou, and others were involved in conflicts with residents. Seven people were held in administrative detention.

The Epoch Times quoted netizens questioning the announcement as saying: “First, unilateral beating is not called ‘conflict’. Second, according to the intensity of the beating in the video on the internet, if the perpetrator is only in ‘administrative custody’ and does not need to be held criminally responsible, then either there is a problem with the law or there will be a problem with society. Third, there’s really nothing we can do about you, but we’re not blind.”

A netizen condemned the authorities: “You didn’t say what should be said, protecting your ‘naughty child,’ huh.”

A video shows a man being chased by many Dabais on the street, beaten, kicked in the head and stomach by people dressed in black, and then dragged by them. A woman in a pink shirt fell to the ground, being lunged at by another woman. There were more than seven people involved in this beating.

A video also shows the Dabai hitting residents with a look-like stick.

An Epoch Times reporter found that the Chinese network is suppressing public opinion; for example, “China Newsweek” reported on this incident, but the comments were hidden. 

Netizens said: “Don’t talk about anti-pandemic staff, now even the doorman makes trouble for you,” “This is the modern gangster,” “Chaos broke out, almost out of control,” “(Sign of law enforcement power) changed from a red sleeve badge to a white protective suit. “

Several netizens said that there were police at the scene.

“I am from Linyi, so I can tell you exactly, (the attackers) are JC (police).” 

“It is JC (police). There is an angle where the police cars can be seen.” 

“They were police officers with a military badge on their shoulders, and there were cameras surrounding dozens of Dabai.” 

“Seeing a black police car parked right outside the gate of the subdivision, I guess there’s going to be a scandal.”

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