Chinese overseas media outlets reported that an online video on September 12th showed a group of older women in Chengdu with sticks in hand. 

Like the Red Guards in the 50s, they work openly to maintain the regime’s shutdown. Netizens criticized the CCP for continuing to “incite the masses against the masses.”

The video showed that the group of older women came from the Longjing Community Street Office in Chengdu, Sichuan. The group was formed to patrol the streets day and night.

They wear red armbands on their left arms and hold wooden sticks in their right hand. They beat their sticks on the street and publicly expel citizens who are not complying with the regime’s regulations on epidemic prevention.

The video shows this group forcing two people to get off the street.

There are also a few young men and women in the Legion.

A photo of the group in front of the “Party and Mass Service Station” in Longjing indicates that officials most likely established the group.

Sichuan netizens said the move was as if overnight; the country regressed more than 50 years ago. 

During the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards brutally persecuted the so-called “counter-revolutionaries” under the banner of revolution.

Some netizens also left a message on Twitter, saying, “Mothers used to be Red Guards. Red Soldiers have found their old feelings again.” 

Others said that the old trick of the Chinese regime was repeated, “Give some people power, let the masses fight against the masses.”

He added that mutual denunciation of people is beneficial for the Communist Party.

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