The Chinese regime’s “Zero Covid” policy has been accused of causing the Second Cultural Revolution. A few days ago, an organization was established by a group of elderly women called the “Loader Legion” in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. They aim to enforce the lockout and control just like the “Red Guards.” The Red Guards, or Hong Weibing, refers to Chinese youth educated to worship Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought during the Cultural Revolution. NTDTV cites the netizens’ comment that CCP continues to “incite the masses against the masses.”

A video posted on Sept. 12 by the Twitter account “View of world affairs” shows a group of elderly women from the Longjing Community Street Office in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, has established a “Loader Legion” to patrol the streets day and night. They wore a red armband on their left arm and held a wooden stick in their right hand, brutally forcing citizens who did not comply with the regime’s regulations on epidemic prevention. There were also a few young men and women participating.

The Twitter account said: “The Cultural Revolution is back! The Chengdu Subdistrict Office in Sichuan allowed a group of women to form the “Loader Legion” to violently drive away those who did not comply with the ban on taking to the streets, like “Red Guards” back then.” 

The Loader Legion also took a group photo in front of the so-called “In Service of The Party and The People Station” in a community in Longjing, suggesting that the local authorities likely founded the organization.

After the video was posted online, netizens in Sichuan mocked it as looking like they were “going back to more than 50 years ago overnight,” according to NTDTV.

During the Cultural Revolution of “nothingness and lawlessness,” under the banner of revolution, the “Red Guards” brutally suppressed people accused of being counter-revolutionary. They gave themselves the power to do whatever they wanted.

NTDTV quoted some Twitter users as saying, “The aunts used to be Red Guards, Red Army soldiers, and they just want to relive their back then feelings.”

Others said that the CCP is repeating the old trick, “giving some people power and letting the masses fight against the masses, the people need to harm each other.”

The Chinese regime’s Zero Covid policy has sparked public outrage, and people have criticized the regime online. However, some have abused and even violently attacked those who did not cooperate.

A video posted by Twitter users with the account “.. don’t block me” on Sept. 12 shows a suspected COVID person hiding in a field in Foshan, Guangxi, Guangdong, having been chased there by a large group armed with knives and sticks. 

The Twitter account owner said: “Ridiculous farce. On Sept. 11, a person in Foshan, Guangdong province, was suspected to be positive. Will all the people chasing him be suspected of being positive?” According to NTDTV, the news all over the Internet confirms that some people who do not want to cooperate with the lockout and take nucleic acid tests have been surrounded by their neighbors or the whole community. When the police arrested someone, some people watched and clapped their hands.

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