The number of cases in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China continues to climb.

According to the Henan CDC, Zhengzhou city launched a so-called offensive war lasting 5 days from midnight on November 24 to midnight on November 29, to achieve “zero-COVID.”

Some netizens have published photos and documents on Weibo, suspecting that those who were brought to Xuzhou by bus from Zhengzhou, Henan were former Foxconn employees. (Photo)

On November 25, there was a rumor that “Zhengzhou attacked Xuzhou at midnight” on the internet. Someone called the Xuzhou police at 3 a.m., saying that after the buses took them to Xuzhou, they just left them there. Some people who have not been quarantined left. After Xuzhou police arrived on the scene, they ordered some buses to leave, while the rest of the people were taken to quarantine.

NetEase reported that on November 26, Xuzhou city, Jiangsu province issued a notice on the pandemic, “In the early morning yesterday (November 25), without prior notice, three batches of 26 buses from Zhengzhou city brought people to our city. After receiving the alarm, the city’s pandemic department immediately launched a response. We have conducted in-depth investigations and a total of 870 passengers have been investigated, they are retired employees of key enterprises in the Zhengzhou airport area.”

According to Aboluowang, Weibo account “Mao Ge Diary” from Henan, posted an article, saying that these people are former Foxconn employees who were brought to Xuzhou by Zhengzhou and then abandoned.

A notice from Xuzhou city said that some of them had been sent to other places through a “closed transfer,” while the rest remained under Xuzhou’s quarantine restrictions. The notice claimed, “The risk of the pandemic is generally manageable.”

The related news sparked heated discussions among Chinese, and memes about The Romance of the Three Kingdoms went viral. (Photo translation: Tonight we will make a surprise attack on Xuzhou.)

Netizens believe that this notice indirectly confirms that the Xuzhou government did not know in advance that a large number of people were being sent to them. Among the travelers there were 2 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 17 asymptomatic cases.

According to related information that topped the search list on Sina Weibo, Chinese netizens speculated that Zhengzhou kicked a large number of people out of the city on the day of the announcement and those who were abandoned were former Foxconn employees.

Aboluowang quoted a netizen, “Oh, the way to eliminate COVID in five days is to ‘throw’ people to other provinces, how convenient.”

Another said, “Yesterday when I saw the news that Zhengzhou raided Xuzhou at night, I thought it was a myth. I didn’t expect it to be true, and the reality is worse than I imagined.”

According to the pandemic report of China’s National Health Commission, there were 34,909 local positive cases in various regions of China on November 26, and over 30,000 cases per day for three consecutive days. The total number of asymptomatic cases in Henan province is 990 cases.

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