Shanghai officials are conducting mass Covid-testing this weekend after new Covid cases were found in the city. Reuters reported on June 9 that large-scale testing would take place in 7 districts in Shanghai.

After the news broke out, many Shanghai residents rushed to supermarkets for food supplies and other necessities. Videos on the Internet show crowded supermarkets with people lining up at check-out counters. The meat and vegetable sections were almost emptied. Some residents struggled to obtain food.

Da Ji Yuan news outlet reported on June 10 that a resident named Li from Pudong district confirmed the testing was being conducted in 7 districts. During this time, residents in those areas have been confined at home. 

He added that if the number of infected cases further increased, the local committee might close buildings or blocks. Then they will gradually shut down some parts of the district. He said the policy was unclear at this point.

He said, “The people know very well in their hearts that they must prepare a few supplies in case they are found to be positive. The citizens will be locked up for 14 days. So they quickly go to purchase things to prepare at home.”

The Pudong resident also speculated that city authorities might close the districts again. However, he thought that they would not dare to take the same approach as they did for the past 2 months. He said they might seal off the areas where the epidemic is strong and leave other places unsealed. That’s to create the impression that the city is not fully closed. But in reality, many daily life activities are restricted.

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