Hainan fights epidemic, cows have to wear masks

Hainan 海南, the southernmost province of China, is currently one of the strictly controlled areas as announced by the government because COVID is rapidly spreading. 

According to Reuters, the island authorities decided to expand the lockdown to more areas on August 8. Some areas require all residents to take a COVID test, and crowded places have restricted access. Public transport services have been suspended. These measures aim to prevent outbreaks and achieve the goal of “zero-COVID.”

Besides people, shrimp and fish also have to undergo nucleic acid testing.

This makes people think of animals as a danger that spreads disease.

Although there is unclear research on how cows or other animals can spread COVID, this footage shows that Hainan people have even put masks on cows when going out on the street.

Residents reported bank accounts frozen in Shenzhen

Recently, many netizens have complained that they have many problems at banks in Shenzhen.

According to Shanghai Yicai, Shenzhen residents said that WeChat withdrawals from debit cards have failed, Alipay does not allow transfers, and the account status is frozen.

Most banks, such as Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank, etc, had similar situations.

The staff of Bank of China said that due to the cooperation with the public security department to carry out the “card breaking” operation. The bank was required to investigate each account, and the bank card would be frozen if the funds were identified to be at risk. Customers could go to offline outlets or enter the “Bank of China at Home” mini-program to settle.

However, opening frozen accounts at banks is overloaded. People have to stand in line all day, waiting for the result.

The wait has reached the climax of patience. A video shared on Twitter shows a large number of depositors fighting for their rights. They gathered in front of Minsheng Bank in the National Bank of China Financial Center in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, to protest. The local police appeared at the scene to perform stability maintenance operations.

10 people died in fires on the same day

Chinese media reported a fire broke out in a house at Ninghai County, Ningbo City, at around 22:20 on August 11.

The video showed that, at night, flames came out of the window violently and people in the surrounding area screamed.

By approximately 11:30 p.m., the fire was completely extinguished. The accident caused seven deaths. The cause of the fire and the identity of the deceased are unknown.

On the same day, at about 7:57 p.m., a house also caught fire in Xiakou Village, Qianku City. The accident caused three deaths. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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