Covid testing part of Chinese people’s life

Since the Covid pandemic broke out in China, the government has considered nucleic acid testing as one of the primary measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

It became a routine for most people. Many cities have been increasing their nucleic acid testing sites to ensure that each test point is within a 15-minute walk.

However, some testing points were poorly set up to test populated areas quickly. Footage shows one nucleic acid testing site in Wuhan Dongfeng Viaduct. The employee who took the Covid test did not even have a place to put the toolbox but sat down on the street.

In addition, many localities require people to have a green health code or negative test certificate within a specified time to leave their houses or go to work. This requirement leaves people with no choice but to line up for nucleic acid tests regardless of the weather. 

One video shows that in Hainan, a serious outbreak place, people have lined up to take acid nucleic tests under the rain. Regardless of the result, prolonged rain and heavy wind could affect their health.

Scared of food crisis, Chinese people compete for a piece of meat

China’s “Zero-Covid” policy aims to isolate every infected person. But after 2 years of applying this draconian policy, the Chinese government has been unable to stop this disease’s spread completely.

Outbreaks continue to appear across the country, and people still must learn to adapt to life under lockdown and regular testing.

Household economies have been affected, and people still fear a food crisis similar to the one experienced by Shanghai some months ago can occur. 

As officials seek to assure the public they are well prepared in case of quarantine, “panic buying” at shopping stores and supermarkets is still reported.

This video shows Chinese people rushing into a supermarket like a swarm of bees to buy food. Another footage shows people fighting for a piece of meat. 

Sichuan: Fire broke out at the Aba Aluminum Plant, causing 1 death and 1 injured

According to NetEase, a fire broke out at the Aba Aluminum Plant in Xuankou Town, Wenchuan County, on August 9.

A video recorded by nearby residents shows the factory covered in white smoke.

The local emergency department informed that a short circuit caused the fire in the line. The accident caused one death, and the aftermath work is being carried out. The injured person was sent to Aba Prefecture Forestry Central Hospital for medical treatment and is out of danger.

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