On September 3, the COVID prevention and control headquarters of Shenqiu County, Henan Province, issued an announcement. Staff who promptly reported fever patients from medium- and high-risk areas and implemented temporary control measures would get an extra bonus. If those patients subsequently tested positive, the officials would receive 50,000 yuan (more than $7,000) per person. 

According to the announcement, if an official at a checkpoint reported a person with code yellow or code red and a citizen from medium- and high-risk areas and applied temporary control measures, that official would receive a reward of 200 yuan (more than $28) for a yellow code and 500 yuan (more than $70) for a red code. 

The checkpoints include primary medical institutions, hotels, pharmacies, restaurants, supermarkets and cabs, among others. 

If checkpoint personnel find patients from medium- and high-risk areas with fever, after timely reporting and implementing temporary control measures, each prevention personnel will receive 5,000 yuan (nearly $703). 

In addition, in case these patients are confirmed positive after nucleic acid testing, the prevention personnel will receive 50,000 yuan (more than $7,000).

It doesn’t stop there. The local government encourages people to supervise official staff work at checkpoints. If a person enters such places without scanning or verifying their code, the whistleblower will receive 100 yuan (more than $14) per case.

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