Apolo News reported that, in recent days, the epidemic has resumed in China’s northeastern region, including provinces having shared borders with North Korea.

According to Chinese government reports, Jilin Province continuously recorded new infections. On the 27th, three cases of Covid-19 were detected, on the 28th the number of new infections increased to 7, and on the 29th the number of new infections was 5.

Jilin Province is a province that shares a border with North Korea. 

Liaoning, another province that shares a border with North Korea, has also recorded new Covid cases in recent days. On the 27th there were 9 new infections, on the 28th there were 8 new infections and on the 29th there were 5 new infections.

The epidemic in North Korea has spread recently. Since the outbreak began on May 12, North Korea reported increasing new cases daily. Reuters cited KCNA news agency, saying the total number of fever patients in the country since April has reached  3.36 million.

However, on May 28, North Korean authorities said people with daily fever cases in the country had dropped below 100,000. 

Therefore, the epidemic in Jilin Province and Liaoning is said to may have originated from Covid-19 outbreaks in North Korea.

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