The Covid epidemic is spreading rapidly in Beijing and Zhejiang province’s Hangzhou city.

From April 22 to 25, China’s official data shows a rapid increase in the number of confirmed Omicron patients in Beijing, with over half of the cases from the Chaoyang district. As a result, local officials estimate more than 1,200 close contacts in the area and 14 designated containment zones.

In the Gongshu district in Hangzhou, there was a small number of people infected. Still, the average incubation period is only 2.67 days, making it the fastest transmission time among previous cases in Hangzhou.

Since the source of the Omicron infection is unclear, and some infected people have traveled to densely populated places such as schools and vegetable farms, there are fears the outbreak may be more widespread.

The outbreak in Yiwu city of Zhejiang province may involve other countries as it is known as the world’s largest wholesale market for small commodities. Various Chinese products are sold to many countries, ranging from daily necessities and housewares to children’s toys and Christmas gifts. The city is now divided into three areas: a lockdown area, a control area, and a prevention area.

The 2022 Asian Games were set to take place in Hangzhou in September. Still, Husain Al-Musallam, general manager of the Olympic Council of Asia, stated recently that the Covid epidemic is “faster-spreading” than previous outbreaks in the province; as a result, the Hangzhou Asian Games are “likely” to be postponed.

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