According to a report by the China Health Commission, the COVID pandemic situation in Gansu province is still well controlled. On October 10, there were 24 new asymptomatic infected people, and in Lanzhou city, only 19 cases were reported. 

However, photos of the quarantine area in Lanzhou expose a different story. The authorities could not arrange standard centralized quarantine places, so people were quarantined outdoors, even in public toilets.

On October 25, some Weibo netizens criticized the placement of quarantined people in an open-air parking lot of Wanhui Square at night in Qilihe District, Lanzhou City. The local nighttime temperature recently is below 10℃ (below 50°F), and people only have a small amount of daily necessities such as quilts and mineral water. 

Another widely circulated photo shows many people lying on the floor with a blanket next to the urinals in the public toilet.

Xiao, a resident near the open-air parking lot of Wanhui Square in Qilihe District, told Da Ji Yuan on October 27 that these photos and videos caused a stir on the evening of the 26th. After images of the outdoor quarantine site were revealed, officials removed the beds and moved the quarantined people to another location.

He pointed out the authorities have ineffective control. The recent wave of the pandemic in Lanzhou has spread relatively quickly and is very serious.

Hu Xijin, the former editor-in-chief of the Communist Party of China’s “Global Times,” posted on Weibo calling on the Lanzhou official to explain the incident of the “isolation point in the open-air parking lot.” Additionally, he said that large-scale static management should be used with caution.

According to official reports, the current pandemic in Lanzhou began on September 9 and lasted six weeks.

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