A conversation recording between a Shanghai couple who tested negative for Covid-19 and a police officer who concluded the opposite has recently widely captured the public’s attention.

South China Morning Post reported that on Monday, April 11, a police officer told a couple that they had contracted Covid-19, which mandated them to be moved to the city’s isolation site.

On the government’s official platform, the pair’s latest test was negative. The officer did not provide them with any proof of their infection and rejected their request for another test.

The policeman was heard saying, “You are [positive] if I say so.”

The audio recording went viral on Sunday, April 10, which sparked public fears over case misreporting.

The couple’s case is not singular, as online users also shared similar inconsistencies in their Covid-19 test readings with what disease control workers reported.

Shanghai city has taken thousands of residents away for isolated quarantine amid the latest flare-up.

The Associated Press reported that Beijing’s authorities have stuck to the “zero-COVID” policy since the city’s first epidemic outbreak regardless of the growing public frustration and economic concerns.

Shanghai has vigorously conducted mass testing of its entire residents, with both nucleic acid testing and rapid antigen testing.

According to Reuters, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China has recently delivered a letter to Beijing’s cabinet addressing the impact of Covid-control policies on European companies. The letter also urged the authorities to revise the measures, including accepting home quarantine for some patients.

Despite the zero-COVID-19 policy, Shanghai reported 26,087 infections on Sunday, April 10. According to the municipal government’s data, 95% of the infected cases were among those already under isolation.

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