China’s extreme Covid-control measures have sent the lives of millions of residents into complete chaos. They have to live under poor living conditions, with a shortage of food, necessities, and medical treatments.

For those infected with the virus or breaking epidemic rules, the situation is much worse as the Communist Regime interferes with the Covid-infected residents’ freedom at any time. 

Dabai or “Big White,” referring to people wearing white personal protective suits, strictly enforce China’s epidemic-control measures. They could violently break into their houses at any time without announcement in advance. 

Then they would forcibly drag residents to quarantine sites regardless of the backlashes.

The regime also places neighbors of these Covid-infected residents under lockdown or quarantine.

VOA reported that Beijing authorities have locked down about 5,000 people and sent 250 others to a state-run quarantine center after a man and his wife in the neighborhood tested positive. The man is now under police investigation. 

The man’s case is quite common in China, reflecting its zero-Covid policy. 

According to a video posted by netizens on May 8, the epidemic prevention worker even publicly broadcast this regulation via loudspeakers in a Shanghai community.

The announcement reads, “Residents should not go out. If one person tests positive, the whole building will be isolated.” 

The regime also vowed severe punishments for Covid-control violators.

Reuters reported on April 13 that Shanghai warned that anyone violating Covid lockdown rules would be dealt with strictly.

The city police department in charge said in a statement, “Those who violate the provisions of this notice will be dealt with in strict accordance with the law by public security organs … If it constitutes a crime, they will be investigated according to law.”

Most recently, the WeChat public account of Guangxi Dongxing released a notice on June 2, announcing harsh measures to control the outbreak, among others.

One provision in the notice mentions that those who test positive for Covid-19 knowingly cross the border will be punished severely. The maximum penalty is death and a fine or confiscation of property. 

The regime punished Covid-control violators the same as they suppressed people in the Cultural Revolution. 

Last December, authorities of Baise, a city in Guangxi Province, marched four residents who allegedly violated local Covid-19 restrictions.

They hung placards around these residents’ necks displaying their photos and names. 

Each resident was held by two police officers and marched through the streets full of people and surrounded by armed riot police. 

The videos and photos were circulated online and attracted wide attention and criticism. The public compared this type of punishment to how the Communist regime did during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution movement. 

The movement aims to purge Chinese society’s remnants of capitalist and traditional elements. At that time, the regime also hung placards on the dissents’ necks. The placards write the dissents’ name and label him “black class.”

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