Although Shanghai authorities have lifted the lockdown since the beginning of June, some restrictions remain. Food and beverage are one of the businesses that are banned from fully open and only allowed to serve takeaway. However, some have stealthily included dine-in services to survive after the pandemic.

An online writer named Raist said that some eateries looked abandoned with wallpaper-glass and no lights. But when he gets close to the manager, they reveal that these places are under disguise.

One of the citizens posted on the internet that while eating, the light suddenly went off. The owner rushed to the room and told everyone to keep quiet since the pandemic preventive staff were downstairs. The author joked that they were eating, not using drugs.

In another story where the writer mentions his eating out is similar to smuggling. After arriving at the appointed destination, the waiter takes them through dark narrow streets to get to the restaurant’s back door. But when they got inside, the place was full of light and a long line of people waiting for their turn.

The incompetence of the government Covid policies has sparked heated discussions. Some restaurant owners complained that their take-out business brought them a meager 1/10 of their normal income. In contrast, the expenses are enormous.

On Tuesday, Shanghai announced that there were no new local cases. Netizens said on Weibo that the situation might be improving, but it is unknown when the restaurant will be allowed to reopen dine-in service.

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