A Shanghai community has recorded cases of COVID and announced a state of lockdown. Many residents have been urged not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. The strange thing is that they have been urged not to leave home not just for a dozen days, but for up to 10 years. Netizens scoffed at the official mistake and linked it to the longevity of China’s strict Zero-COVID policy. 

A Weibo user with more than 600,000 followers posted his experience online on Wednesday, October 5. Two days earlier, he took a nucleic acid test. The day before, the nucleic acid booth became a pandemic-related area with suspicious cases. Then, he was told through messaging not to go out for 10 years unless necessary.

The screenshot of his text message shows the local COVID regulation office telling him to do two nucleic acid tests as soon as possible. He was also specifically told not to go out for exactly 3648 days unless necessary because he had been in a “pandemic related area.” 

The blogger argued that this does not appear to be fraud because many people who went to the nucleic acid booth have received the same types of messages. The only difference is the number of days they were told to stay home. Some received 730 days, others 1114 days, 2000 days, 4422 days….

In general, people have been told to stay home for quarantine from 2 to 13 years.

Some people received a text message that said, “Do not go out for 3 days unless you have to.” This seems to be a “normal” notice.

For those notices of “do not go out unless necessary” for several years, netizens think this might be a technical error. 

Netizens also mocked.

They said that if people aren’t allowed to leave for ten years, doesn’t that mean the dynamic Zero-COVID policy won’t change for the next ten years?

On Weibo, some people shared an image of a COVID testing site on the sideline that said it would “never close.” 

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