According to Bloomberg, the COVID cases in Shanghai, a city of 25 million residents, hit a three-month high. 

In the run-up to one of China’s most important political events—the 20th National Congress- authorities have tried many ways to stop the virus’s spread to other major cities. 

The financial hub added 47 new infections on Wednesday, the highest since July 13. Beijing reported 18 cases. China recorded 1,406 new local cases.

Despite the high social and economic costs, China is reaffirming its commitment to a “zero-COVID” policy.

Shanghai residents are again worried about a citywide lockdown.

According to parents and posts on social media, many schools in Shanghai have suspended in-person classes due to the fear of COVID outbreaks.

The port city of Tianjin has shut down one district.

The southern megacity of Guangzhou has closed schools in one area. 

Statements made by COVID prevention offices said that in addition to the ad hoc school closures, at least five districts have shut down entertainment venues like cinemas, bars, and gyms to stop transmission.

Elsewhere in Beijing, the capital city’s authorities removed banners criticizing the government’s leadership and its “zero-COVID” policy from an overpass.

One banner hung from a bridge said, “we want food, not PCR tests. We want freedom, not lockdowns and controls,” along with other slogans.

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