On Friday, November 11, China’s Health Commission reported that new COVID cases in China exceeded 10,000. 

Although this is a record number in the last six months, CCP data manipulation is well-known in China, so no one knows the actual count.

Two major metropolitan cities in China are struggling with COVID outbreaks, almost approaching the threshold of lockdown.

The COVID outbreak is heating up in China’s capital Beijing. 

In the past few days, Beijing has taken tougher measures to fight the pandemic. At least 19 public places in the city were closed, including department stores, a temple, and a hospital.

The China University of Petroleum was shut down, and many people were forced into quarantine after one case was detected. 

The video shows a line of buses waiting to carry people to the quarantine site. 

Ms. Gao, a Beijing citizen, shares the situation in Beijing with Chinese language media Xiwang Zhisheng. She said the pandemic is severe in the city and the outbreak spread even to the suburbs. Many places are closed and very few people walk out on the streets. She felt more nervous than before. 

Another first-tier city, Guangzhou, in southern Guangdong province, is China’s new COVID epicenter.

On Thursday, November 10, the province of Guangdong reported over 3,000 new COVID cases, most of which were in Guangzhou city. This was the worst outbreak since the pandemic started.

According to the authorities, the pandemic is serious and complicated. Community transmission also exists in non-risk areas. 

So, Guangzhou – a city with 19 million people – has imposed a partial lockdown, much like Shanghai a few months ago. Schools, stores, factories, and public transport were closed. 85% of flights were canceled.

In total, 5 million residents in Guangzhou are locked up at home.

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