Citing Tencent News, Chinese language media Kanzhongguo reported that the city of Nanjing has just adjusted its epidemic-control policy last Sunday. It would ease the Covid curb, allowing people to return to Nanjing from normal or low-risk cities without asking for a negative Covid test result.

Nanjing City is the capital of Jiangsu province. It is a megacity and the second largest city in the East China region. 

However, the citywide testing is ongoing. In a video at Liuhe District, Nanjing City on Monday, people are lining up in long lines to take the test. 

Some have criticized the authorities for letting the elderly and children crowd and line up in stuffy and hot weather, just waiting for one diagnosis. 

Some even warn that standing in a large group like this could increase the chance of cross-infection.

On Tuesday, the Nanjing announced two new Covid cases.

As of noon on Tuesday, all except one district of Nanjing city have imposed compulsory testing across the region. 

Likewise, the neighboring Si County, Suzhou city, Anhui Province has implemented closed-management control since Monday after one asymptomatic case and two potential positive cases after initial tests were detected in the area. 

The announcement came to achieve the so-called China’s dynamic Covid zero policy.  Accordingly, residents are not allowed to leave the county unless necessary, and gatherings are strictly prohibited. All passenger transport on inter-provincial highways and rural buses are suspended.  

The authorities also apply nucleic acid testing throughout the county. For the first three days, residents must conduct one test daily. Later, testing will be determined based on the situation. The epidemic in Si County became intense when a Covid-infected pregnant woman returned from Beijing on Tuesday, without reporting to the community. 

Following the outbreak in Si County, Anhui, the neighboring counties have urgently conducted compulsory nucleic acid tests, including Sihong County and Jinhu County of Jiangsu Province. 

Those who do not have a testing certificate will not be allowed to go to work. The authorities even have called on government agencies, enterprises, and institutions to arrange a special person to check the testing situation.

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