The Sichuan Province Health Commission announced on May 17 that the region added 16 new confirmed cases and 73 new local asymptomatic infections. Guang’an dominates the data, accounting for 15 new cases and 72 asymptomatic ones.

This large-scale outbreak took place in Linshui County, Guang’an City, turning it into strict lockdown immediately.

As of May 16, the province has over 2000 confirmed cases. Currently, 60 confirmed cases are isolated at the hospital, 590 asymptomatic infections are under medical observation, and more than 8,600 close contacts are under management.

Since the current epidemic wave outbreak on May 9, Linshui County has recorded nearly 500 infected citizens in just one week. Moreover, it has spilled over to the two big cities, including Shenzhen and Chongquing.

A local person said that control is relatively strict at the moment. Only large supermarkets and vegetable markets are open, while others cannot. If there’s a positive case in any school or class, all the class members will be taken to isolation. Doctors, workers, and volunteers are not allowed to go home. Residents have been doing the nucleic acid test every day since the outbreak.

A staff member of the local Red Cross Society said Guang’an city is currently suffering from limited logistics and a shortage of medical supplies.

A citizen of Guang’an said it is in strict lockdown now, and people cannot leave their neighborhood. People go shopping for vegetables for an hour before 7 a.m. However, all stores and supermarkets are closed. Meanwhile, the city is rushing to build more shelters.

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