The Suzhou Municipal Government issued an epidemic notice on April 23, saying that the risk of transmission still exists, and it will continue to implement strict control measures. The outbreak in Suzhou is region-wide due to the spillover of Shanghai’s epidemic. The current intensity of closure makes citizens’ lives a misery.

According to China Daily, on April 21, the Suzhou city government admitted that preventing and controlling the epidemic in Suzhou was difficult. There are 190 sealing and control areas, 137 control areas, and 21 prevention areas. Twenty-six thousand two hundred sixty-two people have been tracked and de-classified, and 42,129 people have been sub-classified.

One day before that, the Suzhou authorities issued an epidemic notice that the risk of transmission in the city still exists. Therefore, it will continue to implement social control measures and acknowledge the discovery of new positive infections in centralized isolation sites and closed and controlled areas. However, Kunshan and Taicang are close to Shanghai, so closure and control measures were implemented a little earlier and have not yet been lifted.

The authorities have tightened controls in all these areas, canceled all public events, continued to close leisure and entertainment venues, and asked people not to leave Suzhou. In addition, community closures have been imposed on all city residents, with strict checks on all entrants and exits, and no outsiders or vehicles are allowed to enter.

According to the notice issued by the Suzhou Municipal Government, Taicang’s existing 35 closed control areas and 34 control areas will continue to be closed for seven days from April 17, with no non-essential movement. In addition, inter-provincial road passenger shuttles and public transport are still suspended.

The Epoch Times reported Changshu city in Suzhou took zoning control measures such as closing buildings, floors, shifts, and the movement range of personnel slightly earlier on April 7.

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