On December 26, China’s National Health Commission announced that the country would stop applying customs quarantine measures and resume entry and exit activities of all citizens.

This move immediately triggered a wave of Chinese people booking airline tickets and looking for places to go abroad.

According to a summary from New Tang Ren, international air ticket bookings have increased five times, international flight ticket searches have skyrocketed 8.5 times, and visa searches have increased 10 times, reaching a three-year high.

Popularly searched destinations are Tokyo, Seoul, and Bangkok.

On December 27, after the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a confirmation on international passenger flights, the Japanese Government announced that it would strengthen the management of entry from China into Japan.

It is expected Japan will apply emergency border control measures on December 30. People from China entering Japan must undergo virus screening. Positive individuals will have to be isolated for seven days.

According to Nikkei, the new measure applies to people from China, including those who have been to China in the last seven days. Moreover, the country will also limit flights to and from China.

In the prime minister’s speech, he mentioned a large discrepancy in infection information between the central and local authorities and between the ruling communist party and the private sector, making it difficult to understand the situation.

Only those presenting a three-shot COVID vaccination certificate or a negative PCR certificate within 72 hours before departure for Japan are exempt from virus screening upon entry.

The Japanese are worried, and the Taiwanese share the same concern. 

Taiwan announced on December 28 that it will conduct COVID testing for travelers coming from China for a month from January 1, 2023. 

On December 23, India had its first case of COVID infection after a person returned from China. The incident left the locals quite bewildered.

According to the Indian media, India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare recently announced that international passengers arriving from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea must present negative PCR certificates. If symptoms appear or the test is positive, passengers will be quarantined.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the Korean disease control agency on December 21 announced that China has been included in the list of “key quarantine countries” since December 16.

Reuters reported that Italy’s Milan Malpensa Airport would conduct PCR testing for all passengers arriving from China. It is expected to last until January 30, 2023.

The personal media channel “Caijing Lengyan” said it is irresponsible for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to open the country and let people go for tourism before the expected COVID tsunami.

Lin Xiaoxu, a former virus expert at the Walter Reed WRAIR Military Research Institute, told The Epoch Times that the CCP’s opening is the same strategy as during the outbreak in Wuhan in early 2020. 

Lin pointed out that China’s information is not transparent, and the international community still does not know how many variants of the virus are in China and whether it is possible to be infected with many variants simultaneously. In this situation, it is highly irresponsible for Beijing to allow people from the epidemic area to go abroad.

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