China’s economic situation is severe. College graduates can’t find jobs. Many students choose flex-hour employment.

Flexible employment is commonly known as part-time jobs such as freelance and individual industrial and commercial.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, about 200 million people chose flex employment in 2021. About 78 million people chose internet employment. 61.14% of the enterprises are using flex job workers.

This group has great autonomy over the nature of their work, when and how long they work, and where they work. They get paid for every day they work.

However, there are many risks in this workgroup. The legitimate rights and interests of workers are unprotected. There are many issues, such as subcontracting by intermediaries and withholding wages. No one is responsible for labor disputes or personal injury incidents.

Ren Ruiting, a young Chinese, said that flexible employment means the company may not pay insurance. Employees receive meager salaries.Li Chun, deputy executive director of the WTO Research Center, believes that people are forced to choose flexible jobs because there aren’t enough suitable full time jobs.

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