A Ukrainian court on July 5 officially outlawed the Ukraine Communist Party and seized all of its assets, including the party’s facilities and state funds.

Some analysts believe that the people of the former communist country realize the danger of communism.

The court’s ruling was in response to a lawsuit brought by Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice against the Ukrainian Communist Party.

The Ministry of Justice asked the court to ban the activities of the Ukrainian Communist Party and seize all of its assets. 

The Ukrainian Communist Party and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used to have a close relationship. 

In April 2013, the Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine, Zhang Xiyun, met with Simonenko, the first secretary of the Central Executive Committee, to talk about cooperation.

Simonenko touted the CCP at the time, saying Ukraine was willing to continue sticking to good relations with the CCP and strengthen cooperation in areas such as cadre training.

But after Ukraine’s Eighth Administrative Appeal Court upheld a ban on its Communist Party on July 5, there has been no response from the CCP.

Li Yuanhua, a former professor at China’s Capital Normal University, commented that this was indeed a blow to the Communist regime.

He said that Ukraine has found that when Russia invaded it, Russia’s most prominent point was the tacit support of the CCP.

Ukraine also found that the only communist countries in the world are not morally righteous and do not talk about morality, but only think of their own interests.

He added that they must have removed the danger of communism to humanity from the Russian-Ukrainian war. That is why there is such a clear verdict.

Regarding the Ukrainian Communist Party’s property confiscation, Li Yunhua said that the communist party itself has no property because its property belongs to the people.

The confiscation is to return the people’s property that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union left to Ukraine and its people. That is the right judgment.

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