1. Shanghai requires citizens to scan ‘venue code’ to enter public toilets

Some public venues and communities require Shanghai citizens to scan the “venue code” or get checks by the “digital sentry,” or a comprehensive code scanning and temperature check machine, to enter or leave these places.

Recently, 262 public toilets in Minhang county, Shanghai city, have implemented “venue code” or “digital sentry.” Those who want to enter public toilets must scan the code.

According to a video uploaded on Twitter on June 24, an old man sitting on a bench had an argument with at least three police officers. Since the old man didn’t have a mobile phone and couldn’t scan the code, he was unable to enter public toilets. As a result, he peed in his pants. He asked the police to apologize and buy him another pair of pants because his pants were wet. (video)

2. Human rights protesters interrupted the Chinese ambassador’s speech at the event in Sydney

Drew Pavlou, head of the Democratic Alliance party and an anti-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) activist, Kyinzom Dhongdue from the local Tibetan community, and other protestors disrupted the Chinese ambassador Xiao Qian’s speech at an event at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia on June 24. The incident happened only minutes after he started.

They criticized the Chinese envoy for his nation’s activities in Hong Kong, East Turkestan, and Tibet regarding human rights.

The man carried a sign which read “Free Tibet. Free East Turkestan. Free Hong Kong” while being ushered out of the hall by security personnel.(video)

3. Gansu: Father accused police of torturing to his daughter to death

A man in Gansu reported in his real name that his daughter was persecuted to death by five epidemic prevention and control workers during the quarantine period in a hotel in Chengbei county, Xining city, Qinghai province. He said that the police broke the law. In a sad voice, the man called on the people of the whole country to take actions for a sovereign society to regain justice for his daughter. (video)

4. Children live in poverty in the mountain areas of China

A video filmed by philanthropists shows the pitiful situation of the two children who have lost both parents. The two kids had just finished school and had to walk an hour to return home. The two children are only 1 year apart but have to care for each other. All living expenses depend on the eldest brother. Their house is empty. 

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