On Wednesday morning, September 28, a video was posted online on the Chinese internet showing a man wearing only underwear, holding a knife and chasing people on the street. The case happened in Leshan City, Sichuan Province. 

In the video, the man runs to the gate of Boyang Elementary School, where the kids are going to school. The security guard quickly closed the iron gate, just in time to let the children and parents enter and stay inside, leaving the attacker outside. The man then turned around and left. His hand was still holding the knife. 

The video spread like wildfire on Chinese social media. Netizens said the school’s security guard should be praised strongly. 

In another video, the knifeman is seen in the street. He stands in front of a van and seems about to attack it. 

In another video, the man is taken down to the ground by the police. 

According to the police, the man was identified by police as 34-year-old Liu Moumou. He was suspected of having a mental disorder, so police sent him to the hospital for checkup.

Netizens said that this guy broke into the Leshan Municipal Government service center and destroyed the gate before he was caught later.  Some raise the hypothesis that this could be a consequence of the regime’s influence on society. 

The case arose in a rather sinister reality in China, with numerous random school shootings that have claimed the lives of innocent children.

In the past few years, hackers and random car accidents have happened quite frecuently in China. 

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