According to Sound Of Hope, the Chinese regime announced on May 29 that Shanghai would restore production and living to normal from June 1.

However, the term “unblocking” is currently banned in Shanghai. The phrase does not even appear in official documents. 

Some netizens even posted the document that Shanghai’s official propaganda department sent out to their subordinates. It regulates that the ‘unblocking’ term is not allowed to be mentioned. 

Another post said that officials consider Shanghai’s static management a pause button. They said it was because the city’s core functions did not cease to function.

The Communist regime’s officials even attribute the lockdown to Shanghai communities’ residents’ self-made decisions. 

China applies this propaganda type from department to department, community committee to community committee, and volunteer to volunteer.

Shanghai residents reported that they all said the same thing, claiming that the community was closed based on residents’ volunteering. In other words, all residents have voluntarily stayed at home for two months. 

The regime’s false claims have received a backlash from Shanghai residents. For example, a woman from Shanghai published an over one-minute-long video ridiculing the government’s claim. 

She said, [quote] “It’s incredible. I didn’t expect more than 25 million Shanghai residents to be so united. We all thought the same way and did the same thing. We all shut ourselves up to cause trouble to Shanghai.” [end quote]

She added, [quote] “Besides locking ourselves up, we also asked hospitals, shopping malls, and companies to shut down together. They were really obedient, and they were all shut down.” [end quote]

She continued, “Thinking that I might escape, I asked people to use iron rods to surround the community. Because we have sealed ourselves up, we have to look like prisoners, don’t you think?”

She concluded, “We confirm that this is voluntary and has nothing to do with anyone. Thinking about this period, I have made such a great contribution to the city. I really want to give myself an annual contribution award with tears in my eyes. As Shanghai people, we are so great.”

Another netizen expressed his anger about the regime’s claim by asking ironically, “Shanghai was blocked for more than two months. Is it because all residents are full and do not want to go out?”

Another Shanghai citizen commented, “We are a bunch of crazy citizens of Shanghai. We locked ourselves at home for two months. Now, we are preparing to go out to work as usual tomorrow.”

Shanghai’s long-term lockdown has sent the lives of over 25 million residents into complete chaos. They were forced to cope with poor living conditions, food shortages, and unable to shop for necessities and medical treatments. 

According to a Radio Free Asia (RFA) report, a survey polling 1,021 Shanghai residents found more than 40% have felt depressed and hopeless under the regime’s lockdowns and its coercive epidemic-control measures, showing no interest in anything.

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