Many people have expressed their disappointment after a city in China announced extreme measures to fight the COVID-19 epidemic.
Officials in Dandong City, Liaoning Province, released a message in April. They said they needed to enter the residents’ houses to conduct disinfection.

SecretChina citing the mainland China media, reported that Dandong City officials had required citizens in the main urban area to stay at home for their disinfection activities. They ordered businesses, classes, government agencies, institutions, and non-public service enterprises to suspend operations. Donggang City, Fengcheng City, and Kuandian County must also implement static management.

On May 12, Dandong released a message about disinfection and sterilization on its official WeChat account.
The city’s officials claimed that there are chain environments to help the coronavirus survive for a long time, so the recovered patients must have their residences disinfected before returning home.

Before the Dandong’s epidemic prevention and control personnel entered the house to disinfect it, they would inform the household. The personnel would obtain the door key or password to unlock the house. If they couldn’t use the usual unlocking method to enter the house, they would use a different method. Then they would close the door and lock it again after disinfection.

At the same time, sealed food in the refrigerator would be kept after disinfection, but the rest of the food is treated as medical waste.
The message came as the Liaoning Provincial Health Commission announced on its official website that 719 cases of Covid were found in Dandong City from April 24 to May 13.
The news of Dandong’s disinfection has brought condemnation from mainland netizens.

A netizen complained that Dandong had no express delivery for two months. After residents enter markets, they are isolated. And now the officials enter the house to kill. “So disappointed in this city. Is no one really looking at Dandong?”
Another wrote, “It is shameless to disregard human rights and ignore science.”

A commentator said, “Home is my last fortress, and my mentality is broken! Dandong released a sanitizer for people infected with the new Covid into their homes!”

A person wrote, “It’s all bandits,” referring to how the officials intend to use the unlocking technique to enter their house if the door could not be unlocked.

Another added, “It’s so grand to talk about breaking into homes and destroying personal belongings.”

Yaobi Danhua said on social media that it is a blatantly unconstitutional and illegal act to invade other people’s homes, open the refrigerator and treat the unpacked food as medical waste.

An Accountant named Jiu Zi wrote: “This is a kind of performance, a performance of subordinates’ loyalty to their superiors, and a performance of subordinates to show their work results to their superiors. It has nothing to do with whether there is a virus at home, whether it is contagious, or even whether it is legal or not.”
A netizen with an account named “Very close Leyouyou” commented: “If you enter someone’s home without the permission of the resident, and forcibly break in, I will greet you with a stick, no other words!”

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