While China’s largest financial city remains on lockdown, many places on the mainland are under strict control.

Apart from Shanghai, Dongxing city in Guangxi has been sealed for more than 50 days since February 24. The city enters a state of home isolation.

Compared with other regions, the outbreak in Dongxing city hasn’t received much attention. As a border city and an important commercial port for trade with ASEAN countries, Dongxing is under pressure for COVID prevention and control.

Xu, a supermarket owner in Dongxing, said to Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan that over 40 nucleic acid tests have occurred. Supermarkets were not open. There was no income, and the rent had to be paid.

The city of Ruili in Yunnan is even worse than Dongxing, which has been closed nine times in three years. With confirmed cases still emerging and people living in misery, work is halted.

Ruili is a border city between China and Myanmar. It is connected to Myanmar in the northwest, southwest, and southeast.

Ruili has suspended workplaces, schools, logistics, and stores for three years. To prevent the spread of the epidemic, people from Ruili couldn’t move freely. Not a single positive case has flowed out of Ruili, but their daily life isn’t any better.

The article “Ruili needs the care of the Motherland” attracted people all over the country. One of many paragraphs in the article told others to save and pay attention to this beautiful border town and give this city a promising future.

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