Recently, the COVID pandemic broke out violently in Chongqing, China, affecting 23 districts. The Internet has it that Chongqing was under lockdown, and tanks entered the city overnight.

Chongqing: ‘The Murdering Government’

On November 8, China Apocalypse channel released a video that reads: “Yesterday, Chongqing sealed off the city overnight. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) feared its people would riot, so it mobilized army tanks to enter the city. A disgruntled man criticized the “zero-COVID” policy and the vaccine issue. During the lockdown, some people held banners saying “The Murdering Government.”

The video shows tanks driving on the street at night, and another says: “Is it necessary to mobilize armored vehicles with cannons to lock down just a street of Yangjiaping?.”

“The city’s lockdown caused some people to set themselves on fire and jump from buildings,” he added. For example, an apartment in a high-rise building glowed red with fire under the night lights. Moments later, a person jumped from the window. A woman on the other side of the building filmed it and exclaimed: “It’s scary. How is that possible?” The woman added: “The whole apartment is on fire. It belongs to the Dongyuan building, which is opposite ours. It’s scary. I can’t sleep. It’s just helpless to see the fire truck underneath the building.”

Some footage in the video shows that people are putting up banners that say the CCP is killing people. For example, in the video, on the balcony of an apartment on the 6th floor, a man is standing on the railing, holding a slogan that reads “The Murdering Government.” The same banner is hung on the wall of the balcony.

There is also footage of a man sitting with one hand on the ground, the left leg of his pants rolled up past his knee. He broke his leg while climbing the wall, trying to buy food because there was no food in the house. Some people gathered to watch and discuss, and some said, “The CCP is over! That’s it for the CCP!”

Anti-epidemic policy criticized for “squeezing too much of people’s money”

The video also shows a Chongqing resident, fueled by dissatisfaction with the city’s lockdown, voicing criticism of the CCP. This man angrily said: “Have you ever been able to prevent the epidemic after such a long time of pandemic prevention? If you say that the epidemic can be prevented, then the vaccination is enough to prevent the epidemic. So why do you still need to be vaccinated? 90% of the people have already been vaccinated, and you are still preventing an epidemic like this… your logic is contradictory.”

The angry man added: “You only emphasize the infection, not how to cure it. You use propaganda to mitigate people’s fear, but your so-called ‘trustworthy media’ does nothing. Your ‘trustworthy media’ just emphasizes how many people are infected, purely for the sake of vaccination and nucleic acid testing. If you cover people’s eyes, later, you all will have to be executed, you will be sentenced to death. This government is really scum that has been squeezing way too much money from its people.”

The man continued, “In the past two months, people in Chongqing have definitely died from other diseases more than from this epidemic. So the whole society has paid a huge price.”

According to the data reported on the official website of the Chongqing Municipal Health Commission, on November 5, there were 101 new local positive cases in Chongqing, 126 new cases on November 6, and 281 new on November 7, there were 490 new infections on November 8, involving 18 districts and five sub-districts, including nine central urban areas. However, official public data is never believed by the outside world. On November 9, many communities in Chongqing issued emergency notices about the temporary lockdown of some areas. Currently, Chongqing has 96 high and medium-risk areas.

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