Due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in the Chinese city of Chongqing, the authorities announced that from 6 a.m. on Aug. 24, a nucleic acid test will be carried out for all citizens and all citizens are required to complete it within the same day.

This has aroused the anger of locals, who believe that this is a trick devised by Chen Miner—Secretary of the Chongqing City Party Committee, to please Xi Jinping before the 20th National Congress.

In protest, many residents gathered and shouted: ‘No more nucleic acid testing!’ Someone even promised to reward money to those who publicly refused to do the PCR test.

According to China News, on Aug. 23, Chongqing had 21 new symptomatic cases and 19 local asymptomatic cases.

According to the report, from midnight on Aug. 24, an orange automatic window of the health code system Yukang will pop up on inner-city residents’ phones. The windows will automatically delete after completing one nucleic acid sampling.

On the first day, the pop-up window will not affect the everyday activities of the person notified but advise them not to participate in crowded activities. However, suppose the nucleic acid test is not conducted from the second day onward.

In that case, the person is not allowed to gather, participate in conferences and business activities, or go to public places with closed and crowded spaces.

However, according to Sound of Hope, some netizens think that this is just a trick to show the loyalty of Chen miner—Secretary of the Chongqing City Party Committee, who wrote: “The 20th National Congress is coming up, if not showing loyalty, how can you secure your career?”

Another person said this summer, Chongqing simultaneously has pandemics, high temperatures, power cuts, forest fires, droughts, and city lockdown.

Many residents have publicly adamantly refused nucleic acid testing. A video posted by netizens showed that at a nucleic acid testing site in Chongqing, people are queuing but shouting in unison: “No more nucleic acid testing!”

A netizen with the nickname “Liu Ermu” wrote on Weibo that he opposed “chaotic nucleic acid testing” and said he wanted to reward about $1.50 to those who publicly refused to do nucleic acid tests.

Some netizens even shared a photo showing a forest fire occurring in the distance, but people still had to queue for nucleic acid tests.

Many netizens also posted on Weibo, questioning and angrily denouncing the government’s epidemic prevention measures. Sound of Hope cited some comments as follows:

“A civilized government should not oppress the people by ‘giving yellow code if not doing nucleic acid testing’! Seventeen million people have to do PCR tests in one day, have you ever thought that it is possible to do? How will it not infect the community? Officials only worry about whether their hats will fall off and completely ignore people’s livelihood, huh?'”

“What Chongqing should do now is: Don’t let an unnecessary outbreak begin, deal with high temperatures, drought and fire with all your might. This is a life-and-death matter for Chongqing people.”

“What’s more frustrating than under 40℃ (104°F) weather, all the people still have to do nucleic acid tests.”

Another wrote: “I don’t know if yesterday’s forest fire in Chongqing has been completely extinguished, but there are reports that today all Chongqing people need to do nucleic acid tests. Chongqing people have to fight high temperatures, droughts and pandemics together, it’s really not easy.”

One resident commented: “Today is the anniversary of the orange pop-up window. During the three years of the pandemic, this is the first time that the orange window pops up for Chongqing city’s people and all of them have to do nucleic acid tests. In one day, 17 million people tested and 3,878 nucleic acid test points operated under temperatures up to 42℃ (107.6°F).”

The BL translated some comments for viewer convenience.

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