On August 23, the record high temperature in Chongqing had lasted for over a month. The prolonged high temperatures and drought, contributed to more than ten forest fires. And the COVID-19 pandemic resurfaced, public transportation was suspended, all compounded by large-scale nucleic acid testing making people tired. On August 22, a large number of bats inundated the sky over Chongqing. Netizens likened to a harbinger of bad luck, according to Chinese folklore.

A video posted by netizens showed that on the evening of August 22, the bats actually made the sky really dark. Netizens wondered, if it was is a bad omen.

Sound of Hope said that, according to earthquake experts, in the past, many wild animals and domestic pets have abnormal behavior before earthquakes. They exhibit restlessness, panic, fear, chaotic flying, screaming, and running around. There are about 30 species that display erratic behavior before an earthquake including bats, frogs, lizards, carp, eels, and house mice.

According to the Meteorological Observatory’s forecast, the high temperatures in Chongqing will continue.

Chongqing’s high temperatures have actually deformed the roads.

According to Tencent, since A ugust 17, high temperatures, drought, and forest fires have occurred in Jiangjin, Chongqing, Dazu, Tongliang, Banan, Fuling, Bishan, KaiZhou, and Nanchuan. Officials said that all the fires are out, and no casualties were reported. But the fires threatened more than 500 households and 1,500 people were evacuated.

However, according to locals, most of the forest fires are still burning and some have only just been extinguished and other re-ignite from the hot ash. Currently, some forest fires that are uncontrolled have spread to residential areas.

A video posted by netizens shows that on August 23, a forest fire in Banan district, Chongqing has continued for 3 days. It is now out of control and spreading into the foothills. Many houses caught fire, and people rushed to evacuate. In the video, residents are shouting: “Hurry up, or we won’t make it in time.”

The fire in Fushan, Chongqing, is about to spread to the city center.

Footage taken by a drone shows that the forest fire on Beibei Mountain has spread to the main mountain range of Jinyun Mountain, also seemingly out of control.

According to the Global Times (Huanqiu), as of August 22, Chongqing had a total of 55 locally confirmed cases and 55 local asymptomatic cases.

According to Jintai News, from 6 am on August 24, a nucleic acid tests will be carried out for all residents in the central area of ​​Chongqing and completed within the same day.

A video showed that on August 23, buses in Banan district, Chongqing city were suspended. Some netizens posted on Weibo, revealing a tragic incident in Chongqing. Currently funeral homes in Chongqing are full of elderly people who did not survive the summer heat, more than 100 corpses were burned in just one morning. This information has yet to be verified.

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