Under the hot weather and high temperatures, epidemic prevention and control in Chongqing is still strictly controlled. Lianfang Quarter is a low-risk area; all residents have had negative nucleic acid test results for ten consecutive days. However, this residential area is still locked down. Thus, the people protested to demand their freedom.

On the evening of Aug. 27th, thousands of people in Lianfang neighborhood, Shapingba district, Chongqing, gathered at Fangcao roundabout, right at the blocked road, to express dissatisfaction with China’s current epidemic prevention policies and prepared to tear down barriers to protest.

video circulating on the internet shows many people taking to the streets to protest. Some locals revealed that residents of some residential areas couldn’t bear it anymore and went out to prepare to break through the barricades.

The Epoch Times quoted a Lianfang neighborhood resident who revealed the reason for the protest on the internet: “Everybody is angry when being locked at home. It’s been a ten-day lockdown, but they don’t clearly announce when it will be lifted. They lifted the lockdown only when people made a fuss about it.”

Li, a resident of Shapingba, told The Epoch Times on Aug. 28th: “No one in the residential areas in the Lianfang neighborhood has tested positive in the past ten days. Residents have been protesting and demanding to lift the lockdown, so this is why this happened last night. Today, there are two neighborhoods that have been lifted from the lockdown, but the neighborhoods with positive cases have not (been lifted).”

Li added: “I am currently outside Shapingba and can’t go home. Because in other residential areas in Shapingba, one or two people are infected, so the lockdown has not been lifted yet.”

Han from Chongqing also told The Epoch Times on Aug. 28th that the Yuzhong district where he lives is not locked down, supermarkets and shops are still open normally, and people can eat on-site. “But other places in Chongqing have been locked down very fiercely. Many places in Shapingba have been blocked. My friend has been blocked for 11 days, and the lockdown has not been lifted yet.”

Earlier on Aug. 18th, the Shapingba District Epidemic Control Command, Chongqing City, announced the implementation of temporary control measures in the eastern urban area of ​ Shapingba, including strictly controlling the movement of people, implementing traffic control, and banning gathering activities.

In addition, according to the Epoch Times, the local authority has mobilized the “Hongyan Town Militia,” a reserve force in the Shapingba district, to form a human wall to block people from going out. Still, the residents at the scene refused to retreat, and more and more people gathered. As a result, the administration eventually had to compromise and agree to lift the ban.

The Paper reported that the Shapingba District Epidemic Command Committee, Chongqing issued a notice of lifting the lockdown and control. “From 6 am on Aug. 28th, 2022, Since then, the management of low-risk areas in Tuwan Street and Lianfang Street has been lifted, and normalized prevention and control measures have been implemented throughout the region.”

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