On the evening of December 10, a large number of students from Chongqing Medical University gathered in front of the school and chanted, “We oppose the arbitrary lockdown, looking at the legitimate request to go home! We need freedom, we need equality!”

On December 10, the Twitter account “Teacher Li is not your teacher” posted a video saying that on that evening, students from Chongqing Medical University gathered at the school to chant slogans. According to some students, due to the separation of management between the old campus and the new campus, students at the new campus were free to return to home, while the old campus remained in lockdown.

The video shows crowds of students gathering at night chanting slogans, with one female student leading the crowd chanting: “We refuse to comply with inconsistent control requirements! We oppose arbitrary lockdowns, we have a legitimate request to go home! Strictly abide by the country’s 20 reasonable pandemic measures, and we need freedom, we need equality!”

In “Requests and Declarations of All Professional Type PhD Students“, it is stated that the university ignores the 20 new regulations and 10 new regulations in China’s pandemic measures. The school has been closed for management for a long time. A document published on December 9 said that the school disregards students’ requests and does not allow students to enter or go out. However, lecturers, family members, and clinical postgraduate students are free to enter.

In addition, clinical students in dormitories with experimental students living together are at risk of infecting each other. Schools have been closed since the beginning of the school year, and students can’t go out for long stretches of time. Life in the school is poor, there are no supermarkets, couriers are not allowed, and only the canteen in the school that can provide supplies, and is pushing prices up.

The “Requests and Declarations” states that, if the hospital insists on asking professional doctoral students to return to work, it must make it clear that the students do not voluntarily return to work. Authorities in charge of the hospital and the university must provide a signed and certified application, ensuring many conditions such as the safety of the student after returning to work.

The Requests also emphasizes that, if the school and the hospital agree to send students home without ensuring their rights and interests, the conflict should not be shifted to faculties and students. If refusing to let students return to their hometown, the person in charge at all levels such as the principal, the dean must sign to bear all risks and responsibilities caused by the student’s inability to return to their hometown.

The school’s vice chancellor later went to the protest scene and said that all students could go in and out freely. But the next day he announced that students who want to leave school must ask for leave, causing students to continue to protest.

In the end, the principal said that he promised to protect the students. But if students want to go home, they have to discuss it with the hospital and the health committee and give the students an answer by December 11. If there is no answer, students can continue to come and protest.

Later, some netizens added that students at the old campus were also allowed to go home when they pleased. But almost all the final year students are preparing for the scientific research exam and internship. Professional doctoral students are doing internships in hospitals, while clinical fellows are doing internships in laboratories, so they are not allowed to go home.

A graduate student from the university said that evening that the school held an online meeting for students, and vowed to “make everyone gradually test positive.” During the lockdown, a ridiculous thing happened that the school required the students who tested positive to apologize to everyone.

The tweet read: “Hi, I’m a PhD student at Chongqing Medical University. Tonight they held an online meeting for us, and said that we should be on the front lines when the great tribulation hits. If you still feel that you are a student, it is because you have not been properly educated, without going through these things, you cannot become a talented doctor. They said that gradually everyone will be positive, and praised the doctors at other hospitals for bringing the virus to work, and asked them to start working again tomorrow. During the lockdown, a ridiculous thing happened that the school required the students who tested positive to apologize to everyone. I’ll find a way to send you guys that video.”)

Vision Times had some comments from netizens.

One said, “Nurses, doctors should understand the betrayal and exploitation of medical care by the Health Commission towards them.”

Another said, “Sometimes they say that you can’t go out to avoid spreading the pandemic, sometimes they say that they are trying to infect everyone. What are their brains used for…”

“Cannon fodder! After using it, throw it away!”

After the fire in Xinjiang in November, people in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and elsewhere took to the streets to protest against the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy. 

Authorities have started to relax the measures and recently they introduced 10 new measures to optimize virus control.

However, various protests at universities across China continue. On December 4, 5, 6, and 7, campus protests took place in turn at Wuhan University, Nanjing Tech University, Anhui Medical University and University of Science and Technology of China.

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