The Communist Party of China recently published “Twenty optimized measures for disease prevention and control.” The document simplifies the risk areas into two groups: high and low. Before, there were three areas, high, medium, and low. 

Although the simplification was supposed to bring about fresh air for people, the result seems to be worse. 

When the Chongqing government reassessed the high-risk areas under the new document, the number doubled within two days.

Through this move, the lockdown order has tightened and the chaos is widespread.

As of 8 p.m. on November 15, there are almost 10,200 high-risk areas across China, more than one-fifth of which are in Chongqing. And the number is still growing. Local authorities said that makeshift hospitals reconstructed from the Chongqing International Exhibition Center in Yubei district will soon open and are expected to hold 12,000 people.

On the evening of November 14, a video posted online showed Residents in a residential area in Jiulongpo District screaming at night. People say they are going crazy.

Mr. Lin, a citizen of Chongqing, told Da Ji Yuan on November 15 that many people in the high-rise buildings held a concert the previous night. People were singing “Lonely brave,” “Unity is strength,” “The sea and the sky,” and “Everyone is locked at home; these are the voices of resistance.”

Some people in Chongqing posted a video showing that the quarantine facility in Chongqing had reached its total capacity. Thus, people were sent to the Xishanping Labor Camp in the Beipei district for quarantine.

People say in the video: “We were isolated and sent to prison. This is Xishanping Forced Labor Camp. This is what the government tricked us into quarantining!”

Recently on November 12, also in the Jiulongpo community, a woman had a miscarriage because the quarantine department prevented her from going to the hospital.

The number of closed communities is increasing. The red-banned staff even went to households to nail the doors of the apartments.

Mr. Lin said all decisions to enforce community closures are made in the name of the Neighborhood Committee. “The government and the Communist Party are like underground parties. They dare not show up.”

Resident Zhu said that on November 14, her building had one positive case and was locked down. She said there is no information on when the lockdown order will be lifted.

On November 13, a document issued by the “Community Prevention and Control Group of Chongqing CDC’s Leading Group” was not stamped with the official seal at the deposit office. It was issued by the “Office of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of the Chongqing Municipal Committee.”

Zhu questioned, “If you go to the leader of the prevention and control team, he will say to go to the Political and Legal Commission. However, the Political and Legal Commission is a political organization within the Communists party. Who sent this notice? You don’t even know what’s going on with these things.”

Zhu added that the whole pandemic controlling work is very chaotic. When the Chongqing Municipal Government holds a press conference, the officials will close the comment area below the live broadcast or delete all negative comments, leaving only “Chongqing come on.”

Lai Jianping, a master of International Law from China University of Political Science and Law, told The Epoch Times that the Political and Legal Commission stepped in and intervened in the work of the Health and epidemic prevention department, highlighting the no-division between the Communist Party and the government.

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