Chongqing: Drought affected river exposes 600-year-old statues

Chongqing is situated in a region with a subtropical climate. The weather is characteristic of a humid subtropical monsoon climate. Chongqing is one of the “three furnaces” of the Yangtze River Delta, along with Nanjing and Wuhan. It is facing a challenging extended drought this year.

According to the China times, many regions across China recorded high temperatures on August 16th. However, Sichuan and Chongqing still occupied the top 10 high-temperature places. The temperature in many parts of Chongqing reached above 42°C, among which the temperature in Beibei, Bishan, Jiangjin, Tongnan, and other sites in Chongqing exceeded 43°C on that day.

According to the China Central Meteorological Observatory, the high temperature of 40 degrees Celsius will continue for many consecutive days.

Additionally, the Yangtze River’s Banan Section near Chongqing has much less water due to consistently high temperatures. So the Buddha Liang Island Reef submerged in the river near Wutai Village, Shuangkou Town, and Banan District is exposed. At the island reef’s highest point, three cliff statues were discovered. Experts have determined that the cliff figures were created between the Ming and Qing Dynasties and had an approximately 600-year history.

As reported by ChinaNews, 51 rivers in Chongqing have been affected, 24 reservoirs have dried up, and 2,138 wells have insufficient water due to drought. As a result, more than 600,000 people and over 90,000 acres of crops were affected.

Three ‘Suns’ appear in the sky in Guang’an City

A video posted by netizens showed that on August 15th, three suns appeared over Guang’an City, Sichuan Province. Several local women who filmed the video said: “It’s weird. There are 3 suns today. There are really 3 suns, and one is covered by clouds.”

They are a natural phenomenon called “sun dog,” also known as mock suns or parhelia.

XiwangZhisheng reported that many netizens commented about this phenomenon. For example, a person says, “There is a vision in the sky. It’s not a good omen.” Another said, “Is there a change of dynasty as The 20th National Congress approaches?”

The netizens consider it a bad omen because of an old Chinese legend of Hou Yi. When many suns appear simultaneously, there will be a long drought. He is a brave archer who took down eight of the nine suns in the sky to leave the one necessary sun and prevent the world’s end. After that, he became the God of the Sun after receiving the Elixir of Immortality.

Video shows police using violence against a family like in a battle

A video shared on Twitter has caught the attention of netizens.

Footage shows police violently beating and pulling people away. Many policemen even beat the family members with their fighting sticks and threw things at people. The scene was very chaotic and full of violence, like being in a battle, although very one-sided.

Although the video doesn’t have much information about where or when this incident happened, the poster revealed authorities were beating up the whole family to evacuate them forcibly to demolish their property to build more high-rise apartment buildings.

Many users also leave their comments on this video. User @AnniePresley007 said, “OMG… terrible! Wow,”; @Cibolle said, “The same thing happened to my ex-girlfriend in Dalian.”

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