Experts estimate that in recent days, the “White Paper” protest movement against the zero-COVID policy in China has had the effect of awakening Chinese, including Chinese students studying abroad and even the little pinks—crazy fans of the CCP.

According to Da Ji Yuan, Chinese students studying at the universities of Cambridge, Harvard, Columbia, and Pennsylvania protested on campus to support mainlanders’ struggle to demand CCP abolish the zero-COVID policy.

Meanwhile, many groups of overseas Chinese students have chosen another form of support. They gathered in front of Chinese consulates to encourage protests by people in Main Land.

Chen Weijian, editor-in-chief of Beijing Spring magazine, said that overseas Chinese students are also affected by CCP’s zero-COVID policy. They cannot return home to visit family because of lockdowns. 

Chen believes that new developments in China will change the perception of Chinese students abroad, including students who previously worked as agents for the CCP.

Tang Jingyuan, a China expert, also shares the same view as Chen. He said that overseas students have relatives at home, so they feel the pain of Chinese people living in the space of CCP’s zero-COVID policy.

Tang added that even a little pink like economist Lang Xianping, a CCP member, has experienced that pain. Lang’s mother passed away because she couldn’t go to the doctor due to the lockdown. Tang believes that Lang is one of the tragic victims of CCP’s draconian policy.

Tang commented that the Chinese “White Paper” protest had awakened many people, helping them to look back and see the evil nature of the CCP.

Tang said that many little pinks are now changing and even apologized for supporting the Hong Kong police in suppressing protesters.

Because the “White Paper” helped them understand that they and the Hong Kongers are living in the same situation, being persecuted by the CCP.

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