Lanzhou Public Transport Group has owed wages for many months. Recently, the company issued a notice to the employees. According to the information, a loan at the Lanzhou Rural Commercial Bank was used to settle employees’ wages from June to September 2022. The group will guarantee the loan.

A Lanzhou Public Transport Group staff member said the group did not pay employees for nearly four months. The reason is the high operating costs and the inability to cover the expenses with income. The staff member also revealed that even the leaders of the whole group did not get paid normally.

The company must resort to borrowing to pay salaries. However, Lanzhou Public Transport Group has no way to apply for a loan. He added that the employees take out loans and pay the principal and interest. 

Some employees’ family members questioned whether this is to let the employees take out loans to pay their wages. If the business cannot repay this loan, who will be responsible for repaying the loan?

In response to local media inquiries, the Lanzhou State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission established a risk resolution team to coordinate the issue of funding.Since July, Lanzhou has adopted epidemic prevention and control measures. This makes it difficult for businesses to do business and affects people’s lives.

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