Recently, the capital of Zhejiang province officially acknowledged that the number of positive COVID patients is up to 1 million daily cases. The wave of illness caused by a new variant of Omicron in China has caused countries worldwide to take notice. 

In the face of a rapidly developing illness and a record increase in deaths, Chinese people are frantically looking to buy traditional Chinese medicines with long-standing effects such as increasing resistance and helping to clear body heat and detoxify. The demand for the drug increased sharply, causing pharmacies to announce that it was out of stock.

In less than a month, the price of all these medicines has increased to unprecedented levels, averaging from double to eight times their regular cost, breaking the record set during the SARS pandemic in 2003. Prices continue to rise with no sign of stopping because the supply of raw materials is becoming scarce.

According to Kangmei Chinese Medicine Network, seven Chinese herbal medicines have increased by more than 100% this month. The largest is Lemon Verbena, reaching 717.53%, and its current price is 39 to 40 yuan per kilogram. Before that, the price of this medicine was about 4.5 yuan. Perilla leaves have increased by 263%, reed roots (image ) rose 167% and windproof increased by 140%.

Kangmei Pharmaceutical said that verbena has a repairing effect on lung damage caused by the epidemic, especially the damage to the small airway.Other prices of heat-clearing and detoxifying medicinal materials, such as honeysuckle, forsythia, and Dang Shen Ginseng (image image), have also increased significantly. For example, the price of honeysuckle was only 150 yuan per kilogram in early December; recently, it almost doubled.

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