According to an obituary published on June 16 by Lu Media First Financial, Sun Jian, the head scientist of Megvii Technology, passed away unexpectedly on June 14. There was no known reason for his death, and the hospital has not released its findings.

The South China Morning Post stated that Sun Jian spent 13 years with Microsoft researching computer vision and computational photography. After leaving Microsoft in 2016, he founded the AI and facial recognition business, Megvii. He became the managing director of research and the company’s chief scientist.

Sun is a well-known figure in China’s artificial intelligence industry, and the news of his death shocked the AI ​​community. 

However, mainland netizens have contrasting opinions on his death. Many expressed sympathy, while some questioned his company for helping the regime in monitoring the people via the AI system.

Megvii is one of the AI companies entering China’s security field. Over the years, it has created many intelligent security products and solutions for the public security system of the CCP.

Megvii ‘s facial recognition technology is also widely used in Xinjiang to monitor Uighur people.

In 2019, due to human rights issues in Xinjiang, the United States put many Chinese companies, such as Megvii Technology, on the restricted list.

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